Monday, 10 January 2011

Working hard or hardly working?

The frustration of not being able to blog and having to no doubt re-design a lot of projects is setting in. I have 5 or 6 commissions on the go not to mention personal projects and free toys. But at least it’s bringing some money in… or at least it will. I’ve also been doing some graphics that (for once) aren’t papertoys and just flat graphics. Soon I will have an interview to determine if I will get a place in university but the odds are stacked against me, so I’m trying to show I can do more than just papertoys. After all there are only 15 places and 90 or more people will apply all with 2 years on a pure graphics course. But I have never taken a graphics lesson in my life and can’t use Photoshop to save my life (PowerPoint 2003 is king). All this has made me a little stressed recently, but on the up side my paper toy monsters book arrived the other day and that’s helping to chill me out. Above is a graphic I've been working on... it needs some work.

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