Monday, 16 May 2011

Jurassic Park

I was looking at the stats section of blogger today, it lets me see how many views the blog’s had and where people came from. For example if some one clicked a link on to find my site, it would let me know. The strange part is I had a whole bucket load of views from people searching for “Jurassic Park” on google, and some how finding my site. I don’t recall ever mentioning “Jurassic Park” and the only dinosaur toys I’ve done where “Candy the magic dinosaur”, and a few Cutzila customs.
Thinking about it, making a blog post called ”Jurassic Park” and mentioning ”Jurassic Park” a whole load of times isn’t going to help the situation is it?

Also here is a failed graphic for the blog, this is one of many concepts I've decided against for the new site.

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